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Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

I just had to write about the wild experience I had at SAE Cape Town this weekend. If you’ve never been to 1 of Scratch Lab‘s famous Lab Sessions, here’s the setup: most times it’s a product demo (usually professional audio equipment – this is a DJ school after all) that also gives you room to ask questions and maybe get some hands-on time with the hardware. And IT”S FREE!!!

This past Saturday I went to my first one, presented by Akai Professional South Africa‘s representative, Mandisi Mafu. The chance to play with an MPC Renaissance was too good to miss.

The first thing I was struck by was just how much shiny equipment there was to drool over – just look at that picture – that’s a Max49, MPD26 and the full presently available MPC range all in the same place. I was in dreamland!

The second treat was just how knowledgeable our presenter was. As an Akai rep, Mandisi really knows his stuff and took us through a few of the many different music production approaches made possible by the MPC range. I got a really good idea of the power and potential of the software/hardware pairing. Well done I say…

Overall, I took a few things away from my experience at SAE (only opinions sadly, no Akai toys):

1. Scratch Lab are delivering a brilliant service, one that they don’t really have to. For them to go to the effort of arranging these sessions for the benefit of the general public is just great.

2. SAE Cape Town have first class lecture rooms.

3. Akai South Africa could win a LOT of new converts with these kinds of demos. I was able to quiz the presenter and gain a better idea of my hardware needs. After Saturday, the chances of my buying the wrong piece of kit are slim to none! I would love for Novation/Native Instruments to host similar sessions – come on guys, step your game up!

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