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Jerome & Geselskap – what is it and how do I get it?

Jerome & Geselskap – what is it and how do I get it?

Media Release:

Jerome & Geselskap is the breakout studio album from hip hop soul singer Jerome Rex.

Work on the project started late last year, and was aided in part by contributions from a crowdfunding campaign similar to the Kickstarter model ( that is so popular overseas. People who believed in the music could help make this dream a reality by pre-purchasing their CDs months before the product was ready. Their contributions went towards post-production and manufacturing costs.

The album explores the concept of how people are defined by their friendships and the company they keep. Musically, the sound is a combination of 90s-era boom bap rap, neo-soul and RnB, and boasts a wealth of featured talent. Guest artists vary in style from “rymkletsers” (HemelBesem) to soul crooners (Ms Lenda), and from poets (IO the Poet) to the folk/rock/fusion sounds of Frazer Barry (of Tribal Echo fame). Not to mention the turntablism skills of DJ HearinAid!

The CD is currently for sale for R100 at the following outlets around Cape Town:
Claremont – Kaleidoscope Cafe, 56 Main Road, Claremont
Southfield – Kanasashi Tattoos, 86 Victoria Rd,Southfield
Worcester – Robin-Dean Fourie, 078 484 2359
Paarl – Joolz,
Kuils River – Jerome, 074 3433 567
Bellville – Adéle, 084 578 1194

A mail order option is also available, at an additional cost of R30. Send an e-mail to to order.

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