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Ableton Live Online Course – Week 1

Ableton Live Online Course – Week 1

What a difference a few days make! As practically the default application for live music performance, I bought a midi controller and accompanying Ableton Live software in hopes of expanding my onstage repertoire with some fancy improvisations! Alas, the manual just proved too daunting to delve into by myself.

Luckily my buddy Fruit Vendor recommended an online introductory course on the Ableton Live software!

The file below is part of my first assignment, which was to program an instrumental. I haven’t done anything similar since messing with Fruity Loops (now called FL Studio) years ago, so it was daunting to say the least!

Nevertheless, I said I’d share my amateur efforts with the world and a promise is a promise. Feel free to comment, laugh and criticise as you will!

Here’s the link: Assignment1

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